Non-Twist Cinelock Cradle SmallHD 1/4-20″ Pin-Loc Mounting Kit


The Non-Twist Cinelock Cradle SmallHD 1/4-20″ Pin-Loc Mounting Kit allows your 16×9 Cinelock to hard-mount to SmallHD monitors. Mount the Non-Twist Cradle to SmallHD monitor, then mount Cinelock with provided 3/8″ screw. The Cinelock Cradle is also designed for other various screw patterns with various screw sets for ARRI 3/8″ Pin-Loc mounting and standard cheese plate mounting (1/4 to 1/4, 1/4 to 3/8, 3/8 to 3/8). The perfect non-twist companion set to your 16×9 Cinelock.


Mount Non-Twist Cradle to SmallHD monitor pin-loc mounting pattern with 1/4-20″ Button Head Screw. Cinelock mounts to Non-Twist Cradle with provided 3/8-16″ Cinelock screw.

Non-Twist Cradle adds 0.32″ / 8mm stacking height.

Screws Included
1x 1/4-20″ x 3/8″ Button Head Socket Screw
1x 3/8-16″ x 3/8″ Cinelock Socket Screw
2x SmallHD Dowel Pins (Dowel pins are set in place with removable loctite. Can be knocked out if needed)

3/8-16″ Socket Screws are tightened using a 7/32″ hex key.

1/4-20″ Socket screws are tightened using a 5/32″ or 4mm hex key.

Other screw sets to adapt Non-Twist Cinelock Cradle to other mounting patterns (ARRI, Universal Kit) are available. See our other Non-Twist Cinelock Cradle mounting kits available here.

Solidly built with Anodized Aircraft Aluminum & Stainless Steel.


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