Whaley Rail II – Cross Rail Assembly

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Add an additional Cross Rail to your Whaley Rail II system. This is ideal for existing Whaley Rail owners to upgrade their Single Rail system to a Double Rail, or add further Rails to their Whaley Rail monitor frame.


The Whaley Rail II – Cross Rail Assembly comes with two Corner Rail Clamps and a Cross Rail (based on the cart model/length). No Rail Clamps to Baby Pins are included.

Inovativ Echo
Echo 30 Studio – 29″ Cross Rail
Echo 30 Packed – 26″ Cross Rail
Echo 36 Studio – 35.7″ Cross Rail
Echo 36 Packed – 32″ Cross Rail
Echo 48 Studio – 47.7″ Cross Rail
Echo 48 Packed – 44″ Cross Rail

Inovativ Scout & Voyager
Scout 31/Voyager 30 – 29″ Cross Rail
Scout 37/Voyager 36 – 29″ Cross Rail
Scout 42/Voyager 42 – 34″ Cross Rail

Inovativ Apollo
Apollo 40 – 39″ Cross Rail
Apollo 52 – 51″ Cross Rail

Backstage Magliner
Magliner JR – 35.7″ Cross Rail

Have another cart that is not listed? Contact Upgrade Innovations for details.

Mount accessories by adding Rail Clamps to the Cross Rail with either our Whaley Rail II – Rail Clamp to 2.5″ Baby Pin and Whaley Rail II – Rail Clamp to 6.6″ Baby Pin

Solidly built with Anodized Aircraft Aluminum.

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