Arri 3/8″ Pin-Loc 15mm Spud


The Arri 15mm mounting spud fits any Arri 3/8″ Pin-Loc. The built in flats allow it to be used on cameras that have the slim Arri top plate mounted. A must have accessory when you work with Arri cameras or compatible mounting systems. Ideal to mount accessories or handles to your rig. The spud comes with o-ring grooves and different o-rings that can be used to customize the fit with clamps either slip, friction or captive fit.


Pair it with our RudyArm articulating arm for endless mounting options.

Arri 3/8″ Pin-Loc compatible, ideal choice for a solid mounting option for 15mm accessories

Use 5/32 or 4mm Hex key to mount Arri spud

Comes with O-rings for customizing O-ring grooves. The O-ring selection allows you to control the 15mm clamp device: choose slip, friction or captive fit.

Solidly built with Anodized Aircraft Aluminum.


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