Preston Single Channel Iris Plate

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The Preston Single Channel Iris Plate provides standard non-twist mounting options for your Preston unit. The Preston Single Channel Iris Plate is available separately or bundled with the Upgrade Innovations SmallHD 1/4 Pin-Lock 15mm Spud. Mount multiple Preston units to a single anchor point with our Rudy Arm 15mm system & accessories.


Outfitted with SmallHD 1/4″ Pin-Lock to hard-mount our SmallHD 1/4 Pin-Lock 15mm Spud on the back, top or bottom of the Preston unit.

Other standard mounting options include ARRI 3/8″ Pin-Lock and 1/4-20″ and 3/8-16″ tapped holes.

Mount a male Cinelock to the plate with provided screws and adapters for a non-twist mounting option.
Preston Single Channel Iris Plate to 1/4 Pin-Lock 15mm Spud

The SmallHD 1/4 Pin-Lock 15mm Spud comes with O-rings for customizing O-ring grooves. The O-ring selection allows you to control the 15mm clamp device: choose slip, friction or captive fit.

Pair it with our RudyArm articulating arm for endless mounting options.

Solidly built with Anodized Aircraft Aluminum.

2 reviews for Preston Single Channel Iris Plate

  1. Pascal B. (verified owner)

    Well, It took a long time before they got back into stock. But once in stock acquiring the pieace once very quickly.

    • Darrel Voser (store manager)

      Many thanks for the feedback Pascal. Yes, unfortunately it was out of stock for longer than we had hoped, but such is the case sometimes with manufacturing. Thanks again for your patience.

  2. Omar Rivera Abreu (verified owner)

    Light and machined to perfection. Many mounting points and an easy quick install. This is a must if you have a single channel.

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