Rudy Arm Pin-Loc Adapter for VESA Plate

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The Rudy Arm Pin-Loc Adapter for VESA Plate attaches to our VESA Mounting Plates via the 1/4-20 Flat Head Mounting Pattern to provide industry standard SmallHD 1/4″ Pin-Loc and ARRI 3/8″ Pin-Loc mounting patterns. An ideal accessory to help build out a rig to support a small VESA compatible monitor with our Rudy Arm 15mm system & accessories. One build option would be to assist with under slinging a basic GUI monitor from a Whaley Rail with a Rudy Arm.

Purchase the Pin-Loc Adapter on its own or purchase with our Standard VESA Plate or Quick Release VESA Plate (QR Full Assembly or QR Receiver Plate).

All Rudy Arm Pin-Loc Adapter for VESA Plate kits are bundled with the Upgrade Innovations SmallHD 1/4 Pin-Lock 15mm Spud.

Pin-Loc Adapter (No VESA Plate)

Ideal for clients that already have a spare Upgrade Innovations VESA Plate to attach.

Includes 1/4-20 Flat Head mount screws to attach to our Standard VESA or Quick Release VESA plates.

Standard VESA Plate

The Standard VESA mounting plate model comes with our industry favourite captive thumbscrews and will fit FDMI Standard VESA 75/100mm patterns.

Quick Release VESA Plate

The slim VESA Quick Release Monitor Plate fits to the back of your VESA 75/100mm monitor taking up little space, only adding 10mm/0.39″. This allows you to use much smaller storage/transport cases while keeping setup and take-down time to a minimum.

Quick Release Assembly Instructions

FDMI VESA Mounting Compliance
Spacers and longer M4 mounting screws are provided because mounting surfaces and the final mounting method may vary. Prior to install, check mounting interface, mounting hole pattern and screw length to comply with FDMI Standards. Failure to do so may result in damage to monitor or improper mounting to support applied loads.


Solidly built with premium 6061 aircraft aluminum, Mil-Spec anodizing & stainless steel hardware.

Made in Canada. NAFTA Qualified. CETA Qualified.

1 review for Rudy Arm Pin-Loc Adapter for VESA Plate

  1. Sean Sweeney

    The Pin loc adapter was a great way to add a QR solution to my scopes. The mounting left it too small for a full size Upgrade Innovations QR plate, so I used the pin loc adapter on an existing captive screw upgrade innovations mount and paired that with a Wedgie2 to have simple, extremely secure non-twist mounting for my Omniscope scopes. Small buy mighty.

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