VESA Quick Release Mount Adapter
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VESA Quick Release Mount Adapter


For those that already own our Monitor Mounts, the VESA Quick Release Mount Adapter is the perfect option to upgrade your setup. Simply exchange your existing VESA monitor plate for the Quick Release assembly. The VESA Quick Release Mount Adapter fits all Upgrade Innovations monitor mounts.


The slim quick release plate mounts to the back of your monitor taking up little space. This allows you to use much smaller storage/transport cases while keeping setup and take-down time to a minimum. The quick release option is great for camera-digital carts and mobile trucks. It comes with a locking latch that has a “hold open” option as well as a safety screw.

Our VESA mounting plates are multi purpose and are compatible with 75/100mm standard.


SmallHD 1300 Series Monitors
To accommodate VESA 100mm pattern and still use the SmallHD Accessory Bracket (covers the top VESA 100mm pattern), check out our SmallHD 1300 Spacers.
NOTE: Quick Release Monitor Plate Models require re-positioning of Safety Screw. Contact Upgrade Innovations for more details.

Solidly built with Anodized Aircraft Aluminum.



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