Laptop Swing Arm to 1.5″ Post Clamp


The Laptop Swing Arm is a compact option for securing a laptop tray to vertical posts that are 1.5″ in diameter, such as the Inovativ cart legs or our Whaley Rail vertical posts. Two 7″ lengths of 1″ aluminum extruded square tubing are connected with a preloaded friction hinge. Mount a laptop tray with a spigot adapter to the included 5/8 baby pin.


The Laptop Swing Arm makes use of our Corner Rail Clamp from the Whaley Rail II system for clamping onto 1.5″ diameter posts.

Included in system:
1x Corner Rail Clamp for 1.5″ posts
1x Swing Arm with pre-loaded friction hinge with two 7″ length square tubing.
1x Aluminum Baby Pin (2.5″ Length) with 3/8″ Screw and Belleville Lock Washer


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