Vertical Magliner – Whaley Rail II


Serving as a low profile monitor mover cart, the modified Vertical Magliner cart can now be outfitted with the Whaley Rail II system. This system provides users with a solid lightweight mounting frame to hold multiple production monitors and other accessories.

Designed to integrate with the Vertical Magliner without any modifications to the cart frame. Control height by installing frame at desired position. The 1.5″ diameter vertical posts has 5 through holes with 1.75″ increments. The vertical posts and cross rail are mounted with a set of 5/16 bolts and nuts.

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This Whaley Rail II system includes:
2 x 13″ Vertical Posts
1 x 25.7″ Cross Rail
2 x Whaley Rail 2 Rail Clamp to 6.6″ Baby Pin
5/16″ mounting hardware

The cross rail has 7x through holes for mounting accessories with a 3/8-16″ screw. Contact Upgrade Innovations for further details.

When paired with our MMS09 Single Hinge Ball-Lock monitor mounts, swing your 25″ monitors inwards for a tight location move with the included rail clamps and 6.6″ length baby pins.

The Whaley Rail II system is designed to integrate with our popular Ball-Lock Monitor Mounts and Quick Release VESA Plates. The Ball-Lock system is a positive-lock system for rock solid monitor support when static and dynamic forces are at play. Check out the MMS09 VESA Mount, MMS11-MC VESA Mount and the Quick Release VESA Plate.


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