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The Mac Pro Rack Rail Upgrade is a low profile rack rail mounting solution for the Mac Pro. The system is designed to upgrade the Mac Pro rack installation capability into 16″ to 24″ depth rack cases, including various molded flight cases for onset and mobile applications. The Mac Pro Rack Rail Upgrade makes use of the Apple provided inner rail to mount securely to the computer.

Compatible with both Mac Pro Rack versions (2023 M2 version & 2019 Intel version)

Important: Prior to purchase, please read disclaimers below and review the product fit guide to measure your rack case and ensure product compatibility with EIA rack mounting standards. Rotation molded plastic flight cases, due to the manufacturing process, may have variations in dimensions that exceed the allowable tolerance to fit the Mac Pro Rack Rail Upgrade. Custom built rack cabinets may also not comply with EIA rack mounting standards. See below for further details.

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1. The Mac Pro Rack Rail Upgrade system requires the use of the Apple provided inner rail to mount the Delrin guide. If you no longer have this part, our product will not work with your Mac Pro.
2. This is not a pullout secured drawer slide that allows the user to service the computer while mounted. Servicing the computer or accessing components can be achieved by sliding computer out carefully and placing on pedestal or table.
3. The Mac Pro Rack Rail Upgrade system requires the use of custom 10″-32 mounting screws to ensure the Mac Pro front locking latches are fully engaged. Metric rack cases will need to adjust to Imperial hardware.
4. The Mac Pro must be installed into a 4-post rack that is compliant with the EIA-310-D Standard.
5. Please review the Product Fit Guide for the Mac Pro to measure your rack case and ensure product compatibility.

The Mac Pro Rack Rail Upgrade design aims to provide the most low profile mounting solution for users to secure the Mac Pro for onset applications into shallower depth racks. The low profile design may even make it possible to mount the Mac Pro into rotation molded plastic flight cases.  If possible, slight modifications to the flight case may be required.

Check the Product Fit Guide below.

“Apple did not provide a suitable onset mounting solution for the Mac Pro as their included rack mounting rails are limited to a minimum rail to rail depth of 24 inches, intended for server rack cabinets. It is not an easy feat to mount the Mac Pro rack in a low profile flight case or shallower rack cabinet. Collaborating with Upgrade Innovations, we where able to design a product that secures the Mac Pro for use in most flight cases.”

Chris Bolton

Digital Imaging Technician, Credits: Jurassic World, Deadpool, Sonic the Hedgehog

Check out Composer, Music Editor, Synth Sound Designer Neil Parfitt’s video. Go to 5:11 for his demo of the rack system. Thanks Neil Parfitt!

Check him out at:

Fits within the 5 rack units (5U) required for the Mac Pro.

Installs in no time, only 3 tools needed. Secure Delrin guides to inner rail with a set screw. To remove Delrin, simply back up set screw and slide Delrin off inner rail.

Custom 10-32 Phillips flat head mounting screws are supplied for mounting rail slide to front mounting flange. 

Makes use of the inner rails from the Apple provided rack mounting rails. No modifications required to the Mac Pro.

With the rack rails installed and the Delrin guides mounted, carefully slide the Mac Pro into the U-Guide. 

Designed to ensure the Mac Pro front locking latches are fully engaged.

“So glad I went with Upgrade Innovations’ Mac Pro mounting system. Installation was a breeze into my SKB rack case, it actually took less time than unboxing the Mac Pro! It seamlessly locks my Mac Pro in place and is rock solid, but it’s also so easy to unlock and slide out for installation of PCIE cards and the like. It’s the perfect addition to a professional on set workhorse system built to last.”

Colin Weinberg

Digital Imaging Technician - Local 600

Made and assembled in Canada.
Solidly built with Stainless Steel
Product weight with mounting screws is 1.665kg / 3.67 lbs

7 reviews for Mac Pro Rack Rail Upgrade

  1. David S. (verified owner)

    Depending on what kind of rack system you are incorporating this into, efforts may vary. I’m very happy with the end result I achieved with a Nomad cart, but it did take some MacGuiverring. Terrific folks at Upgrade Innovations!

    • Darrel Voser (store manager)

      Thank you David for bringing the Nebtek Nomad rack case to our attention! Unfortunately if the rack case/cabinet does not comply with EIA rack standards (rack opening of 17.75″), the way Apple designed the Mac Pro rack housing really pushes the typical rack mounting standards. Many standard rack components can accommodate these non standard sized cases, but the Mac Pro is much less forgiving.

      We’re glad to hear that you were able to get it installed with some custom modifications. Make sure to consult our product fit guide to ensure you rack case is compatible. Thank you for following up with your experience, this is really helpful for other users.

  2. Benjamin Relf (verified owner)

    Beautifully engineered. Works perfectly. I ordered Mac Pro (x2) only once I knew this product was in stock. Would have likely gone a different mac product without this system. Great work!

  3. Jamie Metzger (verified owner)

    I love you guys

  4. Yang Liu (verified owner)

  5. Jaime L. (verified owner)

    Exactly what Mac Pro users on set need. Fits perfect and feels sturdy. Upgrade Innovations is a must and is highly trusted and recommended.

  6. Brannon B. (verified owner)

  7. Mike Urban (verified owner)

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