Rudy Arm Fluid Head Mount Adapter


Make use of your fluid head left or right handle rosette mount. Leave your monitor behind when you pull the camera from the fluid head for a quick hand-held shot. Great accessory when you are renting or using various type fluid heads.


Rudy Arm Fluid Head Mount Adapter – Full Kit includes:

  • Fluid Head Mount Adapter

    • Mounting Post
    • Threaded T-Knob Spindles
      • M6, M8, 5/16 and 5/16-22 Vinten threaded spindles
    • Additional O-Rings and Washers included

The Fluid Head Monitor Mount is compatible with all sizes and types of fluid heads

The Fluid Head Monitor Mount comes with M6, M8, 5/16-18 and 5/16-22 (V) T-Knob threaded spindles. Slide the correct spindle into adapter and mount O-Ring to the front of the spindle to make it captive. The fluid head monitor mount is ready to use on any fluid head.

If needed, shorten/lengthen spindle thread by adding/removing extra washers at T-Knob neck.

Fluid Head Pan Handle threads by Brand:

  • Manfrotto – M6
  • O’Connor – 5/16-18
  • Vinten – 5/16-22
  • Sachtler – M8
  • Camgear – M8
  • Miller – M8
  • Acebil – M8
  • Secced – M8
  • E-Image – M8
  • Varizoom – M8
  • Benro Models – K6, K7, K8, H8, H10, BV8, BV10, S6, S8, BV4, BV6 – M8
  • Benro Models -S2, S4, KH25N, KH26NL – M6

Use Your Left Handle Rosette

The Fluid Head Monitor Mount connects to the left or right handle rosette on your fluid head and is fully adjustable.

Pair it with our RudyArm articulating arm for endless mounting options.

Solidly built with Anodized Aircraft Aluminum.



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