VESA Quick Release Mount Adapter

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The VESA Quick Release Mount Adapter is the perfect option to upgrade your monitor with Quick Release compatibility. Take your QR outfitted monitor and mount it to your monitor arms or brackets on your cart, van or office.

The VESA Quick Release Receiver Plate fits all Upgrade Innovations monitor mounts via the 1/4-20 Flat Head Mounting Pattern.

The VESA Quick Release Mount Adapter is a universal QR adapter kit to securely attach the VESA Quick Release Receiver Plate to VESA 75mm compatible third party stands, brackets, arms or wall mount. Additional components are provided to mount the Quick Release Receiver Plate  to compatible third party VESA mounts via the VESA 75mm pattern.

The Quick Release Monitor Plate fits FDMI VESA 75/100mm monitors.

Purchase the full assembly or the QR receiver plate or QR monitor plate separately to build out your QR setup.

Supports up to 60 lb/27kg.

Weight: 0.250kg/0.551lbs


Upgrade your Upgrade Innovations VESA Monitor Mount to 5/8″ Spigot with Quick Release compatibility.


The slim VESA Quick Release Monitor Plate fits to the back of your VESA 75/100mm monitor taking up little space, only adding 10mm/0.39″. This allows you to use much smaller storage/transport cases while keeping setup and take-down time to a minimum.

It comes with a locking latch that has a “hold open” option, as well as a safety thumbscrew.

Components Included
QR Receiver Plate: QR Receiver Plate, Flat Head Socket 1/4-20 x 5/8 x2, Phillips Pan Head M4 x 10mm x4, M4 x12mm x 4, Red Thumbscrew (M4 x 12mm, M4 x 16mm)
QR Monitor Plate: QR Monitor Plate, Flat Head Phillips – various lengths (M4 x 10mm x4, M4 x 20mm x 4), Aluminum Spacers x4
QR Full Assembly: All the above.

Quick Release Assembly Instructions

FDMI VESA Mounting Compliance
Spacers and longer M4 mounting screws are provided because mounting surfaces and the final mounting method may vary. Prior to install, check mounting interface, mounting hole pattern and screw length to comply with FDMI Standards. Failure to do so may result in damage to monitor or improper mounting to support applied loads.

Supports up to 60 lb/27kg.

Weight: 0.250kg/0.551lbs

Solidly built with premium 6061 aircraft aluminum, Mil-Spec anodizing & stainless steel hardware.

Made in Canada. NAFTA Qualified. CETA Qualified.

1/4-20 Flat Head Mounting Pattern

Mount QR Receiver Plate via included 1/4-20 Flat Head Socket Screws to Upgrade Innovations 5/8″ Spigot Hinge assemblies or to the Whaley Rail – Rail Clamp.

SmallHD 1303

The SmallHD 1300 Cheese Plate Spacers for VESA 100 raise the battery plate on your SmallHD 1300 series monitor to clear the standard VESA 100 mounting pattern.

For Quick Release Monitor Plate Models, it may be preferred to re-position the red Safety Thumbscrew to the lower position for better access. Contact Upgrade Innovations for more details.

VESA 75mm Receiver QR Plate Mounting

Add further QR VESA compatibility. Quickly and securely attach the VESA Quick Release Receiver Plate to VESA 75mm compatible third party stands, brackets, arms or wall mount.

M4 x 10mm and M4 x 12mm screws are provided to accommodate third party monitor plate mounting. Check third party monitor plate for compatibility, as thickness of plate will affect screw length required.

VESA 100 Adapter for Quick Release Receiver Plate

Mount the QR Receiver Plate to VESA 100mm patterns by adding our VESA 100 Adapter plate. This is only needed if third party brackets do not have a VESA 75mm pattern.

Red Safety Thumbscrew

Multiple Red Safety Thumbscrews are provided to accommodate potential modification of third party compatible plate. Transfer punch and drill a clearance hole to add safety thumbscrew feature.
Contact Upgrade Innovations for further details.

VESA Adapter Sets

Adapt to larger VESA patterns with our VESA Adapter Sets, compatible with the Quick Release Monitor Plate.

5 reviews for VESA Quick Release Mount Adapter

  1. Lane Clark

    When seated the contact is very sturdy and goes the day without requiring adjustment. At the end of the night you really grow to appreciate how fast and clean these make the breakdown. If you’re casing all your monitors, this eliminates the need for so much space to accommodate the full vesa bracketry. 5/5.

  2. Julie (verified owner)

  3. Chris Bolton

    The only way to go to keep your flight cases nice and small. And allows for a lot of monitor mount freedom.

  4. Stephen Marshall (verified owner)

  5. Larry Goodwin (store manager)

    Good quality and easy to install. Plenty of screws and spacers for installing on different types of monitors. Working great 👍

  6. Marcus Vasques Osorio (verified owner)


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