Whaley Rail Vertical Post Jam Plug

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The Whaley Rail Vertical Post Jam Plug is an optional accessory to your Whaley Rail II monitor frame system. The Vertical Post Plug jams into our 1.5″ OD Vertical Post by using a 5/32 or 4mm Allen Key to provide a solid Arri 3/8 pin-loc tapped hole for mounting further accessories, such as Whaley Pin-Loc Baby Pins.

Mount baby pins for wireless antennas or make use of both posts to frame up a rain cover or blackout tent!

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Optional Accessory for Whaley Rail II system.

End Plug jams into ID of our 1.5" Vertical Posts.

Use 5/32 or 4mm Allen Key.

Provides 3/8" pin-loc tapped hole for mounting accessories.

Add our 3″ Whaley Pin-Loc Baby Pin or 6.6″ Whaley Pin-Loc Baby Pin

9 reviews for Whaley Rail Vertical Post Jam Plug

  1. Michael A. (verified owner)

  2. Lee (verified owner)

  3. Daniel Hernandez (verified owner)

  4. James D. (verified owner)

  5. Christopher V. (verified owner)

    Will make mounting adapters or needed receivers a lot simpler.

  6. Brannon B. (verified owner)

  7. Johnny Adams (verified owner)

  8. Chase A. (verified owner)

  9. Sean Sweeney

    I want more anti-twist pin mounting solutions. This gives me more. Put ’em in every 1.5″ OD post you have, and thank me later.

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