Whaley Rail II

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The Whaley Rail II is a collaborative design between Ben Whaley (667 DIT) & Upgrade Innovations. This system provides DIT’s with a solid lightweight mounting frame to hold multiple production monitors and other accessories.

Designed to integrate with Inovativ Echo without needing holes drilled through the cart deck, the Whaley Rail II can also be mounted to other Inovativ carts, including Scout, Voyager & Apollo models. The Whaley Rail can be built to practically any cart deck, so other camera carts such as Adicam, Magliner & Yaegar among others can be upgraded with this professional monitor mounting frame.

The modular mounting rails eliminate unwanted motion & provide strength and stability, while still allowing for horizontal and vertical adjustments. You can customize your Whaley Rail II to be either a single or double rail system, offering various setup options for monitors and accessories. Both the single rail and double rail systems include two rail clamps to 5/8 baby pin in the base setup. See the Additional Information tab for further details on the available systems.

For a tight location move or for transport, quick release the Whaley Rail II frame from the deck via tool-less levers.

Control height and various frame positions to maximize and respect the length and depth of your cart build. This modular design allows for various options including the Packed and Studio versions and provides build flexibility.

The build flexibility allows for the Whaley Rail components to be easily moved between multiple cart sizes so you can adapt to your project scope. With a few extra components, swap your rail frame to another cart by making use of a different length cross rail. Contact us to discuss this type of modular build!

The Packed and Studio versions have established rail lengths and vertical post heights based on cart model length. Contact us for custom lengths or to mount the Whaley Rail II to a cart not listed.

The Whaley Rail II system is designed to integrate with our popular Ball-Lock Monitor Mounts and Quick Release VESA Plates. The Ball-Lock system is a positive-lock system for rock solid monitor support when static and dynamic forces are at play. Check out the MMS09 VESA Mount, MMS11-MC VESA Mount and the Quick Release VESA Plate.


Build your workstation the way you’ve always wanted.


Consider adding our Mobile/Cart VESA Spigot Ball-Lock Monitor Mounts

Single Hinge MMS09 VESA Monitor Mount to 5/8″ Spigot – Ball-Loc

The MMS09 Ball-Loc VESA Monitor Mount supports broadcast quality monitors up to 60 lb/27kg, designed specifically for mobile cart/truck applications.

Twin Hinge MMS11-MC VESA Monitor Mount to 5/8″ Spigot – Twin Ball-Loc

The MMS11-MC Twin Ball-Loc VESA Monitor Mount supports broadcast quality monitors up to 55 lb/25kg, designed specifically for mobile cart/truck applications. The two-point adjustment design, allows for unlimited viewing positions, making it a preferred mounting option.

Consider adding our Rudy Arm - 15mm Mounting System

Rudy Arm

Rudy Arm

An industry tough articulating arm that is built for universal use. The unique combination of our custom pivot clamps, universal mounting studs and o-ring design rods makes the Rudy Arm system the new industry favourite for strength and versatility. The Rudy Arm is completely customizable to meet the needs of the individual and has endless applications.


Designed and Built for Professional DIT’s

Inovativ Echo

Designed to Integrate with Inovativ Echo Carts
Makes use of existing holes through the deck and incorporates the machined post receivers.

Whaley Rail II Packed
Designed to pack and fit inside the Inovativ Echo cart.

Whaley Rail II Studio
Designed for DIT’s to make full use of cart width and monitor frame.

Echo Cheese Plate Mounting
Replace nut & bolt and thread our cheese plate on the top deck. No need to drill holes.

Whaley Rail II Packed
Ideal for commercial DITs, Digital Techs, or for those that pack up cart often.

Whaley Rail II Studio
Ideal for Studio DITs needing to mount two to four production monitors + various other accessories.

Inovativ Apollo

Inovativ Apollo Mounting
Mount the Whaley Rail directly into the corner deck clamps on the Apollo cart. No deck cheese plate or deck post clamps required.

Inovativ Apollo Whaley Rail
Designed for DIT’s to make full use of cart width and monitor frame.

Whaley Rail Vertical Posts for Apollo Carts
Adapts our Whaley Rail posts to the Apollo corner deck post clamp for quick frame setup/take-down.

Inovativ Apollo Whaley Rail
Ideal for Studio DITs needing to mount two to four production monitors + various other accessories.

Inovativ Scout & Voyager

Inovativ Voyager Mounting
Through holes need to be transferred and drilled through top deck to mount cheese plate with 1/4-20 screws.

Inovativ Voyager Mounting
Cheese plate is mounted with button head screws, for low profile when cart is packed.

Inovativ Voyager
Ideal for commercial DITs, Digital Techs, or for those that pack up cart often.

Inovativ Scout Mounting
Mount cheese plates on top deck, similar to Voyager.

Voyager Deck Support Bars
Add rigidity and stiffness to the top deck to support DIT workstations using the Whaley Rail II system

Inovativ Voyager X-Top Mounting
Make use of two existing through holes in X-Top deck. Transfer and drill through top deck for two additional mounting points with 1/4-20 screws.

Inovativ Voyager Mounting
Cheese plates on top deck are spaced off side wall to avoid protruding leg post receivers and still allow access to leg post release spring pins.

Whaley Rail II – Voyager
Packs within the Inovativ Voyager frame. Wheels can also fit, alongside the packed Whaley Rail frame.

Whaley Rail II – Scout
Packs within the Inovativ Scout frame.

Backstage Magliner

Backstage Magliner Mounting
Through holes need to be transferred and drilled through top deck to mount cheese plate with 1/4-20 screws.

Backstage Magliner Whaley Rail

Backstage Magliner Whaley Rail
Build your DIT cart with either our Single Rail or Double Rail.

Whaley Rail II Features

Versatile Cheese Plate
Cheese Plate system can be mounted to any cart deck by drilling through holes for 1/4-20″ screws.

Independent Cross Rails
Whaley Rail II cross rails can be mounted individually and freely adjustable to set monitors and accessories at preferred height.

Release Monitor Frame Quickly
Utilize the tool-less deck post clamps to remove the Whaley Rail II monitor frame for packing or for a complex cart move.

Rail Clamp
Additional mounting patterns including 1/4-20 and 3/8-16 on front, top and bottom of clamp.

Deck Cheese Plate
Loaded with additional mounting patterns including 1/4-20, 3/8-16 and ARRI 3/8-16 Pin-Lock

Versatile Mount Options
The deck post clamp can mount via multiple mounting patterns for Packed & Studio setups and for flexible mounting options.

Respect Cart Profile
Fit accessories behind monitors to respect cart profile for tight spaces and location moves.

Versatile Rail Clamp
Quick Releases off rail with two full turns of adjustable lever. Extremely solid clamp, rated for heavy production monitors.

Offset or Inline Baby Pin
3/8 threaded Baby Pins mount either via male thread to offset tapped hole or via female thread using screw through Rail Clamp.

Corner Rail Clamp
Additional mounting patterns including 1/4-20 and 3/8-16.

Production Monitor & Accessory Mounting Options

Upgrade Innovations VESA Spigot Monitor Mounts
Choose from up to 16 variations of our VESA spigot monitor mount assemblies for your setup.

Attach our Mobile/Cart Rated VESA Spigot Monitor Mounts
Our innovative ball-lock hinge system is designed to secure and hold monitors during cart moves.

Quick Release VESA Plates
Direct mount our Quick Release or Standard VESA plates via our 1/4 VESA mounting pattern. Rail Clamps to Quick Release Plates are also available.

Rudy Arm – 15mm Mounting System
Industry tough articulating arm that is built for universal use. The Rudy Arm is ideal to mount waveform monitors and scopes via 1/4 and 3/8 threads.

Rail Clamp to 6.6″ Baby Pin
Rail Clamps are also available with longer baby pins for mounting components/accessories with added height.

Additional Cheese Plates
For users with multiple carts looking to get the most out of a single Whaley Rail frame, add additional Deck Cheese Plates to expand your system. Swap your monitor frame over depending on the project scope.

Non-Twist 5/8 Baby Pin
Mount accessories directly to our VESA spigot monitor mounts with this non-twist 5/8 baby pin.

Landscape/Portrait VESA Plates
Add landscape/portrait or quick release-landscape/portrait functionality with our VESA spigot monitor mounts.

Rudy Arm – 15mm Mounting System
Mount an onboard monitor directly below your production monitor by making use of the 3/8 tapped hole on the underside of the rail clamp.

Rail Clamp to 2.5″ Baby Pin
Add additional Rail Clamps to Baby Pin to your base Whaley Rail setup for further mounting options.

Vertical Post End Plug to 3/8
End Plug jams into ID of our 1.5″ Vertical Posts. Provides 3/8-16″ tapped hole.

8 reviews for Whaley Rail II

  1. Julie (verified owner)

  2. Chris Bolton

    If your looking to add monitors to any production cart this is the go to.

  3. Andrew R. (verified owner)

    Excellent design and very sturdy. Flexible mounting options make this work in a variety of on-set scenarios. Easily supports four 25″ OLED monitors

  4. Michael A. (verified owner)

  5. Lee (verified owner)

    The Whaley Rail ll has Supreme build quality with simple and robust design.

  6. Jim Denault, ASC (verified owner)

    The simplicity of the design is the key advantage to this amazing system. No cumbersome articulating arms (unless you want them, I guess). The rail is absolutely rigid; with the support bars there’s no flex at all in the top of my Voyager 30. The system feels like a solid part of the cart. Easily supports my cluster of SmallHD 1703s. With UI’s ingenious QR VESA plates, the monitors hang close to the rail, freeing up the surface of my cart and keeping the CG of the load balanced close to the vertical posts. This is definitely the way to go, whatever cart you are using.

  7. Jim Denault (verified owner)

  8. Christopher V. (verified owner)

    Great look and finish! The install is a little tricky but just read through a few times and you’re all set!

    • Darrel Voser (store manager)

      Thanks for the feedback! If there’s a certain part of the Voyager assembly instructions that could be clarified, let us know!

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